Website in die Top 10

Wenn es darum geht, eine Website sichtbar zu machen, dann kommt man nicht drum herum, die Website in die Top 10 zu bringen. Hat man jedoch schon ein Business, dann will man sich eher um seine Kernkompetenz kümmern. Rankbest erreicht das Ziel, Websites in die Top 10 zu bringen, ohne dabei unverschämt im Preis zu sein!

Google Analytics optimieren - organic und referal Traffic

Mit diesem Javascript-Code lässt sich Google Analytics um weitere Suchmaschinen erweitern.

_uacct = “UA-XXXXXX-X”;
// Suchmaschine:
// Suchmaschine:
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// Suchmaschine:
// Suchmaschine:


How Does PageRank Work?

  • Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. Google looks not only at the sheer volume of votes; among 100 other aspects it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. However, these aspects don’t count, when PageRank is calculated.
  • PageRank is based on incoming links, but not just on the number of them - relevance and quality are important (in terms of the PageRank of sites, which link to a given site).

13 Reasons why nofollow tags suck

The NoFollow link attribute (rel=”nofollow”) was originally created to block search engines from following links in blog comments, due to the amount of blog comment spamming.

The theory is that if spammers are spamming in blog comments to get better SEO and anchored links for their sites, NoFollow would render such spam useless. Problem is, spammers still spam.

Now, NoFollow has been adopted beyond blog comments. Wikipedia is now using NoFollow for external links and Google recommends that paid links use a NoFollow attribute.

Here are 13 reasons why NoFollow is a failure.